Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stockings Will Be Hung by the Chimney With Care

Ever since Greg and I got married I have wanted to get Christmas stockings with our names on them. But, I wanted to wait until we had our first child, so I could order their stocking, too. Once I found out we were having a girl, and we picked a name, ordering stockings was the next thing on the list. So, I went to Pottery Barn online, and picked out some mature ones for Greg and I, and a fun one for Maryn.

I can remember every Christmas when growing up, my Mom, Dad, sister and I all had stockings with our names on them. They were each a little different. I think my mom even made Alli's and mine. I am not crafty enough to attempt to make them myself, or it would just become one more unfinished project and no one would have their stocking ready for Santa this year. Now, we just have to hope Maryn is here by Christmas...

P.S. I already bought Greg's first stocking stuffer...he is going to be so surprised!

P.P.S. Way to go Red Raiders! Love, love, love the uniforms with "Freedom" on the back for the Wounded Warrior Project! So proud of my alma mater!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What a Wonderful Day!

A while back, my wonderful friends asked if I wanted a shower for Maryn. At first I declined. I'm so far away, and I do not like being the center of attention. Then, I bought Maryn's baby book, and there were the pages for baby shower guests, gifts, and pictures. I thought, I can't just have them blank, so I agreed to have one.

This past weekend in Lubbock, Greg, Maryn, and I were blessed beyond belief by the many wonderful people in our lives. We had such a wonderful shower. It was more than I could have imagined. Thank you everyone for making it so wonderful! Thank you Kathy for taking such great pictures. I hope you don't mind if I use them!

The table with amazing food and an amazing diaper cake Amber B. made.

The onesies on the mantel. So adorable. The middle one has an "M" on it!

The gifts. Yes, there are some pregnant pics of me, and I suppose I can put them out there for all to see..

Alli wrote down all of my gifts for me. I will be starting on "Thank you's" today, as long as I can read her handwriting. (Kidding, Alli!) Here I had received burp cloths with Maryn's name on them from Dad, Leslie and Gini!

The amazing gifts we received. I looked like I had robbed a Babies 'R Us on the way home!

The most wonderful and beautiful hostesses a girl can ask for! One real aunt and five surrogate aunts! We missed the other real aunt, Aunt Megan, but she was there with us in spirit! Wow, can you tell who is the pregnant one here??

Mimi, me, and Aunt Alli

Mommy and Daddy. Have I mentioned I have the best husband in the entire world, and he is going to make the best father?? Cause I do, and he will.

Mimi, me, Greg, and Gamma! We were so excited that Gamma made the drive to come to the shower!

So, after having such a wonderful time in Lubbock, I cried pretty much the whole way back to Colorado. It was so nice to not be alone for once.

P.S. You should have seen the car on the way home. Poor Wyatt was in the way back and we couldn't even see him the whole time!

P.P.S. Happy birthday wonderful Lesley!