Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Work in Progress

It seems as if trees in nurseries are all the rage these days. You know me, keeping up with the Jones' and all. Or straggling behind them...whatever. Well, here is my attempt at a tree in our nursery. I actually found this on HGTV's Rate My Space way before I even got pregnant, fell in love with it, and have saved the picture ever since. I think in the original they used material for the leaves, but I used scrapbook paper. I didn't want anything actually painted onto the wall, because I knew I would screw it up in eleventy billion different ways if it was so permanent. It looks kind of small on the wall in the pictures, but it really doesn't in person. Let me know what you think (as long as it's good)! Also, our nursery is not even close to being finished, we are working on it. We don't have a crib mattress yet, I set the bumper up to get the feel of what it will look like when we do have a mattress...

P.S. Yes, I know it's super pink. The paint color is actually called "Snow White's Song." Aaahhh, isn't that sweet! I always swore I wouldn't do a pink room if I had a girl. I would be more modern. But, look what I've become, and I love it!

P.P.S. I get to look at the Rocky Mountains every time I change her at the changing table. Not too shabby!

Monday, October 11, 2010


The other day, my ticker at the top of the blog said something about how baby can hear your voice. My weekly e-mail that I get detailing Maryn's size and development week by week also said that you should read, sing, and just talk to your baby because you want them to get used to hearing your voice, and for daddy to do the same.

I'm not so sure how I feel about this. I am an avid shower singer- Funny Girl and Evita songs never sounded so good. (Seriously- try "Don't Cry for Me Argentina," it's amazing how the echo of the shower makes the song). I also just naturally sing and hum random songs as I am doing things around the house. I've tried to have conversations with Maryn, but for the most part they are pretty one-sided. I haven't really read to her yet, because, well, I don't think she needs to hear the latest Sookie Stackhouse novel or the final Hunger Games novel. They are a little too old for her.

So, now that she's been able to hear us, I feel like I need to be careful of what exactly she is exposed to. For example, the words that came out of my mouth during the past two Tech games (my in-laws are still appalled) were hideous and absolutely un-ladylike. Each Sunday during fantasy football, I chew out at least one of my players for being dumb, and I don't exactly use the word "dumb." I yell at them probably worse than their coach ever does. Let's just say football does not bring out my gentle, feminine side. I'm more like the hulk. You don't want to see me when I'm angry. (Did you hear that, Mike Sims-Walker?)

And, it's not just football, it's also music. As I'm riding along in my car and a Ke$ha song comes on, I think twice about singing and dancing to it because I don't want Maryn to turn out trashy like her. Let's face it, her songs may be catchy, but she always looks dirty.

I just told Greg the other day, that as soon as Maryn is out, I will have to yell "No, Cooper" so she recognizes my voice, because that's all she hears a good percentage of the day. If I had a nickel for every time I told that dog "no," I would be able to afford that duvet from Pottery Barn that I am in love with...

P.S. Yes, we will watch what she says after she is born. I'm not a terrible mother yet.

P.P.S. Nesting has begun. If you need something cleaned, let me know, I'll be there in a hurry!