Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Onto Season 4!

Well, we have concluded season 3 of the Greg and Abby show, and now we are beginning season 4. (I'm sort of obsessed with reality shows, so I like to pretend that I am constantly starring in one...) Season 3 brought us so many fun moments:

- I got a new job.
- Greg still traveled, but it doesn't seem like it was quite as much.
- I was a bridesmaid, again.
- Brooks Tyler was born to the Bolens! Yay!
- We spent 18 hours in the car on the way to Weatherford on Christmas Eve.
- Sophie had puppies, and now we have Cooper AKA Barkley-McNutt-Spazmatico.
- I found out season 4 is going to have us adding to our family!

I'm sure there is more, but I only have a minute before I get sick...again...

I was able to hear the heartbeat for the first time today. 162 BPM, and according to some random old wives tale, that means it's going to be a girl. I'm not buying pink onesies yet. Besides, I think my sister's also said that, and she has two boys...

Well, I hope everyone will join us for our next season. Happy Anniversary Greg! Sorry we have to spend it with me sick in bed, but it will be so worth it towards the end of the year! I hope I feel better when we go back to Ruidoso, so that I can recreate that wonderful wedding weekend. (And by "recreate" I really only mean that part where I won all that money at the horse races).

P.S. I was asked what "CRL" meant in the pregnancy ticker. It means "Crown to rump length." That's how they measure the baby all squashed up.

P.P.S. I wish football season would hurry up and get here already.