Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Christmas Baby!

So, this Christmas is going to be awesome. I do not have to get my family anything, because, after almost a year of trying, I am giving them a new child to love! Greg gets a son or daughter, our parents get a grandchild, it's a win-win for us. No wrapping packages, no stocking stuffers, it's going to be great.

I am kidding, of course. Not about the baby, that's real. No need to worry, you will still be getting a Christmas gift from Greg and me...and baby.

I am due around December 18th, which is neat because birthdays on the 18th are a running trend in my family. Yesterday, my doctor said my first ultrasound said I might be due the 21st, but we are going to hope for the 18th.

Right now I am sick. I am one of the lucky people who doesn't have just morning sickness, I have all freaking day sickness. For the first few weeks, I was not sick at all, which worried me. Now, I'm sick everyday and still worried.

I need to stop reading the internet, all it does is scare me. I was told I have a thing (I'm not going to go into details) that could maybe cause preterm labor. Super. However, I'm not opposed to bed rest. I could start that now..maybe I'll suggest that to the doc...

P.S. I swore to myself I would not do one of those cheesy pregnancy tickers on my blog...oops...

P.P.S. Puppies are gone, except one, so I'm glad this popped up right now, I need something else to blog about. Good timing!