Sunday, November 29, 2009

Breaking out the Tinsel!

Not so much as tinsel, because we used ribbon this year...we bought a new Christmas tree (which is now 30 dollars cheaper than when we bought it...thanks Target!). the reason we decided to buy this house was because I knew it could look beautiful decorated for Christmas! It did not disappoint!

We went with a gold, white, and a touch of silver this year for our theme, but I am still using my red and gold tree skirt from last year because they are expensive:

The ornament we received last year. We absolutely love it!

We have to represent our home state on our Colorado Christmas tree!

Our 2009 ornament from Wilma and Chuck! Love it!

Christmas decorating is not complete without Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!

I have been waiting to put garland on this staircase wince we moved in here in April!

Cookie jar in the kitchen! Can't wait to make cookies to fill it up!

While this may be the worst composed picture ever, this Santa was the one thing that I was so excited about. I remember growing up we had an advent calendar with a mouse you would stick in each day, so I wanted one for my house. I searched and searched and found this one last year.

And, when mommy breaks out the camera, there are always pictures of the puppies. Wyatt is so much better at posing than Sophie.

And, as usual, they couldn't get along when I needed them to.

P.S. Christmas is the best time of year. Unless you are a teacher, then it's summer.

P.P.S. Thanks Mom and Tim for coming to Thanksgiving in the Springs. We had a grand old time, ate too much food, and watched some football. I hope you enjoyed the Edmiston Mountain Bungalow!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Losing Streak

Tech lost. Broncos lost. Cowboys lost. I got killed too much in Call of Duty last night. So much so, that I left matches early so as not to be embarrassed by my score. (It's a gamer thing, you wouldn't understand). I baked a sweet potato in the microwave and it was still hard when I went to eat it. It was very unappetizing. Even with all the butter and brown sugar I put on it so that it does not actually taste like a sweet potato, it was still not great. One thing after another, after another, after another...

So, how does one snap a losing (or loser) streak? What do great teams do to turn things around? I know with winning streaks people don't change their underwear, eat the same meal before a game, listen to certain songs, and other fun (slightly un-hygienic) traditions. But what do you do to snap a losing streak?

I know what the easy answer is: start being a winner. Think like a champion and all of that. But when your QB is hobbling (see Tech and Denver), your O-line couldn't block for the life of them (see Dallas), your deaths are much higher than your kills (see Call of Duty), and your yams are still raw, it's hard to think like a champion. So, then you have to go with the: "it's not about winning, it's about having fun." Whatever. It's no fun to lose.

Well, I suppose I can look at this website and feel a little better...

P.S. If anyone has any tips about turning that frown upside down, that would be super.

P.P.S. Please forgive my negative mood. I haven't had the greatest weekend, and Greg is traveling...again. I promise more lollipops and sunshine posts to come!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Obligatory Texas Tech Football Post

Last Saturday Texas Tech had a bye week. Bye weeks are usually no fun, but last Saturday we got to attend the wedding of some dear friends, and had a blast. So much of a blast that I had a bit of a headache, but that's neither here nor there. (Let's just say I am not as young as I used to be, and my body reminds me the next day after a night of fun). Well, this week we take on Oklahoma State, and I just hope it's a repeat of last year. In case you forgot:

That's the only game Greg and I attended, and it was fun!

After going to Tech games all of my life, I never knew that the band played the Matador song in front of the library after every game before they are dismissed. Here's a video I found on YouTube of the band after the Kansas game. Greatness!

Here's to a fun game against Oklahoma State! GUNS UP! RAIDER POWER!

P.S. I think the Cowboys are out for revenge, so it could get ugly!

P.P.S. Nothing about our football team feels certain this year. But, it seems that a lot of people's football teams aren't certain of anything. What a crazy college football season, and I love every minute of it!