Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's All About the Elmo People

So today I baby-sat for my neighbor. Her sweet little girl is two and a half. It was bundles of fun, and I'll probably do it some more, however...

How do you people do it? For four hours we ran up and down the stairs, spun the leather desk chair around and around, terrorized Sophie (they ended up becoming great friends), slid off the Lazy-Boy head first, and collected rocks in the backyard. Now, this was so much fun, but it was only four hours...and I'm exhausted.

I can have a classroom full of smart-aleck-y ten and eleven year olds for eight hours a day, five days a week, for nine months, and I still was never as tired as I am at this moment. And I had to deal with "she told me that her sister's-friend's-cousin's- kind of boyfriend's-neighbor's-brother said that my hair was ugly" sort of drama everyday. (Wait, I dealt with that with a redundant "What other people think about you does not matter" kind of rhetoric that we say to children when we know that in five minutes they are going to forget what this random person, they have probably never met, said about their hair).

But I have found the secret weapon to children: Wait for it...wait for it...ELMO! What is it about this adorable red haired guy that has all the kiddies screaming "Elmo" at the top of their lungs? And then, when you finally fast forward through 40 minutes of un-Elmo Sesame Street and get to "La-la-la-la...Elmo's World" what is it that has them mesmerized? I mean, he's cute, his voice is strangely high pitched, and he thinks his fish talks, but I still don't get it.

More importantly, what in the world did our parents do without him? What did they tickle? Who taught us the chicken dance or the hokey pokey for that matter? No wonder I'm not bilingual- we didn't have Spanish or French speaking Elmo when I was little bitty. It's a wonder how we survived at all...

P.S. It's 77 degrees in the house this evening (thanks to a little rain) and I'm freezing!

Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm Melting

Okay, so as everyone knows, we do not have air conditioning. This morning I woke up and the thermometer in the house read "80." 80. That's just the start of the day, it goes up from there. It always seems to be hottest when Greg is out of town. Here are a few things I notice about not having air conditioning:

1. Electricity bills are super low, but we buy more deodorant.
2. Fans of any kind are LOUD. My neighbors get to listen to the Today show with me every morning because I have to crank the volume up so much to hear it over the fans. Even our portable air conditioner in our bedroom is loud. When are they going to invent quiet air conditioning? Oh wait, that's just what we don't have.
3. You start to actually turn off appliances and lamps when you are done with them (like your parents always told you) because you can feel the heat they give off, and we don't need any more of that.
4. One tends to linger longer while out shopping. Those places have air conditioning.
5. Heat makes everyone useless. I don't even want to think about vacuuming the stairs in 80 degree heat. Even the dogs just lay around...wait, how is that unusual?
6. You get sick of people saying "Why don't you go down in the basement?" Because all there is down there are boxes and Wyatt's kennel. I do not find it as fun as he does, and this does not help me to forget about the boxes I have yet to go through.
7. I've never looked more forward to going on a trip in my entire life. Yes, I will miss the dogs and especially my husband, but my parents have air conditioning! Real live air conditioning!
8. I love summer. Well, all teachers do, I think. But I have never looked so forward to the lesser loved colder seasons like fall and winter.

So now that I have your pity, and have probably discouraged everyone from visiting us in our sauna in Colorado Springs, please remember that we do have a heater and a guest bedroom with a lovely bed and a real live plant (that I have not killed yet). I hear Colorado autumns are gorgeous!

P.S. The thermometer on the fridge now says 82 degrees. Air conditioned Target, here I come!

P.P.S. New look to my blog. I am very fickle about things (the reason I have never decided to get a tatoo) and I will change the look of my blog. I get bored with just one. I chose a chillier color...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lions, Tigers, and ...Overly Large Dogs??

So, as it turns out, the search for the "lion" in the Springs was called off. They believe it was a "large dog." Okay, who cannot tell a large dog from a freakin' lion? I mean, come on. So, we walked our puppies yesterday around the neighborhood and we were not attacked and mauled. I asked Greg if he thought I should bring a chair. You know, like the lion tamers use? He told me no. He would be sorry if we came across the lion...

This whole lion episode reminded me of "Lambert: The Sheepish Lion." What a great cartoon. They just don't make innocent toons like they used to, do they?

So, I started a new diet today. I hit a plateau and needed a springboard, so I'm doing Isagenix, and it starts with a body cleanse. Two days of fasting, with supplements, and I'm not even hungry!! A little tired though. I hope it cleanses the bejesus out of my body. I'll be doing this for 9 days. I'll update everyone on my progress. Cross your fingers, and your toes, and I'll cross my soon to be cleansed everything that I can cross!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Getting my Feet Wet...Literally

So, to get me super enthusiastic about fly fishing, Greg and I drove about an hour west to Eleven Mile Canyon. It was a pretty day, about 80 degrees. We picked a spot and Greg loaded on all of his gear. I just put some sandals on and rolled up my $16 pair of Wal-Mart pants. (Best purchase ever BTW)

We didn't have very much luck. Greg almost caught 2 fishies. I almost caught zero fishies. However, I just liked being outside, hearing the water rushing, feeling the breeze, and occasionally a jagged rock in my sandals, which was lovely.

I will say one thing: fly fishing gave me a reason to shop for something I never have...a floppy hat. I really love my hat. So while Greg almost caught 2, I sat on a rock listening to my MP3 Player and enjoying my Wal-Mart pants and my floppy hat. It sure is fun watching beautiful scenery, cheering on Greg as he almost catches fishies, and listening to Footloose!

Next stop: get me my own gear:

  • purple fly rod (I will make this girl-ish)
  • reel
  • not a vest because they make me feel bulky, but something to keep my flies in
  • apparently a hair band for my hair that in the above pic looks a little like Brett Michael's, but when he was cool as the lead singer of Poison, not the whole Rock of Love era
  • Waders, do they make them for short people?
  • Songs about fishing to listen to as I CATCH fish
  • Guts to actually touch a fish!
If I get all of this I will be ready to go! Watch out Flipper!

Here is a pic I couldn't help but share. Did you know that Wyatt is practically the canine version of Indiana Jones? He likes to get himself into trouble and barely make it out, too!

P.S. As I am typing there is a crawler running across the bottom of my TV screen. It says that about 15 miles east of us (we live on the very eastern part of Colorado Springs) there is a lion on the loose. "An African lion with a reddish mane." Thanks for the description, I might not know I was looking at a freaking lion walking down my street. It says to stay indoors. Thanks Captain Obvious! I'll let everyone know what the whole 'lion on the loose" situation's outcome is.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Fourth of July Antics

I hope everyone had a fantastic 4th Of July! I know Greg and I did because we got to hang around with people. Real people that we know. Even family! It's amazing how much you appreciate friends and family more once you can't be around them all of the time.

Our 4th of July consisted of friends, family, good food, great drinks, and a little bit of dare devilish feats. A few things I learned this weekend:

1. Driving in the car in Colorado for a couple of hours does not feel as long as driving in the car for a couple of hours from Lubbock. The whole time you are surrounded by traffic and scenery. Give me the drive from Colorado Springs to Loveland any day over the drive from Lubbock to Amarillo.
2. `Fireworks are pretty. However, I would rather watch other people's than my own. You might as well light a pile of money on fire, but it's okay if people down the street do it. Spending money on fireworks seems very frivolous.
3. You are never too old to climb onto a roof. I thought I was, worried that I was the whole time I was up there, and until my feet hit the ground I was convinced I was.
4. Having dogs does help you learn how parents feel. My Wyatt played for a little bit with all of the other dogs (5 of them, and he was testy most of the time) and while he was playing with them, I was going to cry. He almost seemed like a normal dog that could learn how to "play well with others!" (It didn't last)
5. Sophie, on the other hand, can turn herself into dead weight when she does not want me to take her out of my lap. She did, however, hold her own with 6 big dogs running around the place.
6. Never underestimate the power of friends to make you feel better. After a wonderful weekend of visiting after spending so many days alone, I feel refreshed.
7. No matter how much you think you are alone in a situation there really are others who are in the same boat.
8. I am so thankful (and I'm sure the other girls are too) that my father-in-law gave his son his margarita recipe.
9. I love my puppies dearly, but the best dogs come from shelters, I think. Case in point:

Maggie is adorable. She is sweet, gets along with everyone, and as you can see provides entertainment with her love of water. I hope Wyatt took notes on how to be a fantastic dog.
10. The diet is probably going to be put by the wayside when there is food, fun, and alcohol involved.
The following picture, of where we ate dessert is for Amber B:

P.S. Meg-you were right, The Kite Runner definitely gets better! Also, finished another puzzle, and yes, one piece is probably in the stomach of my Wyatt.